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The Tuition Exchange EZ App is moving - Read all about it!

The Tuition Exchange EZ-App is moving: Here is what you need to know.

Tuition Exchange is preparing to transition to a new system, bringing numerous exciting improvements. This change will enhance the EZ-App process and provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for all users. You need to know here about our move plans, the EZ-App closing and reopening, and the enhanced Tuition Exchange services.

Moving and Reopening the EZ-App:

  • The 2024-2025 TE EZ-App will close on June 5. The TE EZ-App will be closed until July 8, as we migrate data to a new system.
  • We anticipate opening the new and improved TE EZ-App on Monday, July 8. More information on the latest and improved TE EZ-App will be posted on the TE home page.

During the downtime, eligible students cannot create a new TE Student Account or review the status of current applications. If you, the student, have questions about the status of your 2024-2025 TE EZ Apps, contact the IMPORT school for additional information. Please note that TE Central cannot assist during this period. The entire system will be offline.

After the data is migrated successfully, the new system will be operational. We expect the new system, including the 2024-2025, 2025-2026, and 2026-2027 TE Student Account process, to be available for eligible students after July  8. Check with your school Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer about eligibility questions.

Our expected new system launch date is July 8.